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This one word probably spent the next year tearing his heart and soul to pieces. On the outside, it seemed sweet. On the inside, it probably caused him pain beyond words.

Of all of the ways she could have responded, she said, “Good.” Hook has known for awhile that she has feelings for him too. He knows her better than anyone else, and he knows how good she is at both hiding and running from her feelings. But he knows her well enough to catch a glimpse of what her heart is feeling when she lets it slip.

But this is the first time she’s verbally acknowledged feelings. On the outside, Hook is smiling, but look at his eyes. It’s like he can already feel his insides breaking.

She’s going to lose every memory of him. She’s going to get memories of a life she always wanted. He will have no way whatsoever to ever get back to her ever again.

And then the fog clears, and he’s left with what? Pain. For the second time in his life he’s lost the one person he truly loves. His heart was finally healing. He had found meaning in his life again. And just like that, it was ripped away from him.

So now what? He can go with her parents to their castle and have a reminder of her every time he looks at them, or he can attempt to do what he did before to get over his love, take back his ship and resume the life of a pirate.

What do you think he spent every lonely night thinking about during that year? Emma. Was she happy? Safe? Loved? Did her and Henry have a good life? Had she found love again? Was she married? Could she be having another baby?

And of course the pain eats him alive. He doesn’t even want meaningless flings anymore. His heart is so changed by Emma that he can’t fully commit to his old life. He doesn’t even have any romantic interests at all.

I imagine he was completely and utterly miserable on the inside. Sure he masked the great life of a pirate, but what do you think he did when he went to sleep alone in the captains quarters? I think we have all felt the pain of laying awake missing someone. And the night brings far less distractions than the day.

And then as soon as the opportunity became available to him to get back to her, he took it without question. Traded his home, his ship, his whole life to get back to her, not knowing what he was walking into.

What would happen if she had a full and happy life? Could he just disrupt that? What if she was in love? Had a new family? He knew all of these risks and immediately did everything he could to outrun the curse and get back to her.

His face before Emma opens the door says it all.

He is physically and emotionally exhausted. He is still in pain on the inside. He’s anxious and depressed. He’s an empty shell with his heart and soul in pieces.

And then when he sees her face

His face is full of relief, light, love, meaning, healing, and utter joy. It’s as if she gave him his soul and his ability to love back. As if she were standing there holding the glue to put him back together.

And now that he knows what it’s like to lose her, he’s never going to lose her again. Not if a Wicked Witch comes to town and tries to steal her magic. Not if she falls through a portal to the past. Not if she’s taken prisoner by an evil queen. Not if they’re trapped in a room full of some of the darkest and most unpredictable magic in existence Not ever. 

As if that weren’t beautiful enough, he’s going to give her space to find herself again. He loves her enough to know that if even if it takes years for her to open up, he’ll wait. Her presence alone is enough to light up his life, make him want to be a better person, and make him believe in love and happy endings again.

That’s what love is.


Shamelessly plugging the AMAZING Tyler Knott Gregson again. Go check out his page and pre-order his book “Chasers of the Light” here:

Shamelessly plugging the AMAZING Tyler Knott Gregson again. Go check out his page and pre-order his book “Chasers of the Light” here:

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

I just finished watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I saw the first two episodes but never finished. I decided with Michael Socha coming to OUAT, it was time to finish. I’d always intended to, I just did a good job of procrastinating.

It was a good series. I decided I wanted to touch on a few things and express some opinions about the overall story, instead of going into intense detail since the series has ended. 

Alice and Cyrus. 

I really loved Cyrus. I loved the casting and Peter’s acting choices. I love how he looked at Alice like she was a million bucks. The sincerity and honesty in his eyes was beautiful.

I loved that Adam and Eddy created another strong female lead in Alice. I loved that she got to wield a sword and fight the villains. I loved how each of the other characters brought out something completely different in Alice. I wasn’t as connected to her character as Emma. I know it’s incredibly hard when you only have thirteen episodes and every second of writing counts. Sophie did a great job, I just wasn’t as connected as I wanted to be. 

Together Alice and Cyrus were a great couple. I loved their love and their bond. My favorite was seeing them with their daughter in the end with the white rabbit looking on. That was adorable. 


I thought Jafar was extremely well cast. He did so good embodying elements of the original Jafar while putting his own twist on it. The actor who played him as a child was adorable too. I just wish we had a villain who was screwed up for a reason besides their parents being crappy. I get why they write it that way, and this was a slightly different take on a crappy parent, but I still wish the back story could be different for villains. I wouldn’t mind if someone in Storybrooke came across his lamp in the future.

The White Rabbit

I loved the rabbits! The white rabbit’s reunion with his wife and children was one of, if not my favorite moment in the show. I wish we could have seen more of them. Sure the CGI budget wasn’t great, but they were still adorable! John Lithgow and Whoopi Goldberg were genius as their voices. The rabbits definitely hopped into my heart. (I know that was corny, I saw the chance and I took it.) I wish we could have seen more of the rabbits honestly.

The Queen of Hearts

I didn’t realized that I missed Cora until Barbara Hershey made an appearance. Her episode was like a breath of fresh air. She is so incredibly talented, and while Cora and Regina’s story hit home with me, I can’t deny that Barabara really brings something out of the actors she works with. She’s amazing.

The Jabberwocky 

She was definitely one of the creepiest villains we’ve ever had. I loved that she could read people’s fear. That was such a genius quirk for a villain to have. I wouldn’t mind her in Storybrooke exposing people’s fears. She could be Echo Cave 2.0 in getting people to express feelings.


I pity the girl that sat in the makeup chair for that long having every inch of her face covered and her teeth painted. She did an amazingly creepy job though. Definitely ranks up with the seer in terms of creepiness. And I bet despite looking scary, she had a lot of fun doing it.


I actually met Lauren McKnight once. Her mom arranged for her to come and talk to our advanced drama class about film. She was exhausted and seemed like she’s rather be anywhere than stuck in a high school with her mom’s printed sheet of bullet points to talk about at 7:45 in the morning. Her mom actually sat off to the side of her in front of everybody and kept encouraging her to touch on all of the bullet points. It was awkward, but Lauren got through it. She gave us some really good advice I’ll always keep in mind. It always made me interested to see her on film in her element. 

I thought Lizard was a fun, quirky character. And honestly, I wish she would have ended up with Will. I loved how sweet he was to her. I thought their relationship was really sweet. I hate that she died. I wish they could have done something else with her character than have that abrupt ending. 

I wish the best of luck to Lauren in her career and thank her for the advice she gave us all that early in the morning :)

Anastasia and Will

I love WIll as an individual character. He was hysterical. I’m always a huge fan of the sarcastic characters. I’m excited that he’s coming to Storybooke. With Regina brokenhearted and Emma in emotional relationship seesaw mode, I’m glad we’ll have Will to carry the sarcasm torch for us. He was definitely one of my favorite characters.

I’d seen so many people talk about how much they loved Will and Anastasia, so I expected to love her, but I just didn’t. Emma did a fabulous job in her portrayal, but I just struggled a lot with her character.

I kept hoping for a redemption from her with everyone talking about how much they loved Will and Anastasia. Unfortunately I never understood that. I kept hoping for some amazing turnaround, but it was destroyed for me during the episode Will almost died by beheading.

If everything she did was for him, why did she arrange his beheading? Why would she even risk that? He provoked her so she was willing to give up everything?

Then the guards mentioned that Alice was there. She said to let her be but keep an eye on her. I’m guessing from that we’re supposed to believe that Anastasia knew Alice would save him.

He’s your “true love” and your just going to leave his life in the hands of someone else when you’re standing there with the ability to stop it and magic besides that? Excuse me? What if Alice had never showed up? Would Will be dead right now? I’m supposed to just jump in and believe this was all for love for her? I don’t buy it.

I genuinely don’t understand what I was supposed to get from her. I wanted so badly for Will to stick to his guns and not go back to her. Did she honestly just trust that Alice would not fail? When the love of her life was on the line?

Besides that, I didn’t feel chemistry between Anastasia and Will. It was just off. It wasn’t there. It was awkward.

For this supposedly being a true love couple, I didn’t get or understand that. How can Will trust that the minute life gets hard again she’s not going to bail for something better? After how badly his heart was broken, I just don’t understand him going back to that relationship.

I love Michael Socha, and I would love to see what Will is like in a relationship where the chemistry feels genuine as opposed to forced. 

I loved what the Knave said about relationships, how they’re supposed to be messy. But arranging your significant other’s beheading because he taunted you doesn’t exactly fit the description of “messy,” it fits the description of “insanity.”

I did like that Anastasia ended up good though. It was nice to see her and Alice not irritated with each other for a change. I just don’t see the chemistry with Will or understand how he went back to her.

Favorite Line

My favorite line of the series was spoken by the Sultan to Anastasia. He said, “He is as much my captor as I am his. We create our prisons.” I thought that was so profound. It gave me so much to think about. So many of these characters truly do create their own prison’s with their emotions and not being able to let go of the past. Some create prison’s with their actions. And the idea of being each other’s captor was such a great way to put things. That one is definitely going to stick with me. 


Overall, I think it would have been better had the series had more than thirteen episodes. I think there would have been more time to connect with characters and explore their pasts. I also felt like little details of things got skimmed over. Things like Anastasia’s magic that was non-existent at times. If she was trained by Cora of all people, shouldn’t her magic be ever present and powerful?

I thought the finale was very sweet. I felt like it was more rushed than I would have liked. I hated how happy Cyrus was that all was well right after his mother gave her life. I thought that was odd. I wish we could have had time to get to know some of these characters better like Cyrus’s brothers and the Jabberwocky.

Overall it was a good series. I think if Adam and Eddy are presented with another spinoff, whether it be Neverland or Frozen, they will have learned some things and the next will be even better. I hope OUAT in Wonderland will be put out on DVD. While it may not be a favorite of some, it is still an important part of the OUAT family. And with Michael Socha crossing over and the possibility of other characters crossing over, it would be nice for fans to have access to watch it so they know what’s going on. Maybe they’ll put it on Netflix? 

I’m thinking that the time period Alice was in was probably close-ish to the time period the Darlings were in. And if that’s the case, it would be mighty interesting to see how the Knave is still alive and young and how the timeline’s work together.

If you haven’t watched OUAT in Wonderland yet, you definitely should. While not as addicting as the original, there were some great things about it, and it’s such a cool part of the OUAT world. And with possible future character crossover’s it’s definitely worth it to be caught up and know what’s going on. 


Top 15 Wishes for OUAT Season 4

1. I want to hear Emma express where she is in her relationship with Hook with actual words, and not just her lips.

2. I want the Aurora/Phillip/Baby situation sorted out. Where were Phillip and the baby in the finale? Is the baby a boy or a girl? What is the baby’s name? Are Aurora and Phillip permanently in Storybrooke now? How did they bring Phillip back from the wraith situation?

3. I would love to see more of Eric. We’ve learned so much about Ariel and seen everything from her side of the relationship. It would be nice to learn more about Eric and see more of who he is as a person and what his back story is.

4. I want a back story on Blue. We met her episode one of season one and she STILL doesn’t have a back story. I’m so curious to figure out how she became a fairy, how she fell into the role of being in charge of the fairies. Did she ever have a love interest? Was she born a fairy or is it something she became? Who are her parents? Her friends? It’s such a crazy mystery to think about!

5. I would love to see August return. Since the year in SB didn’t happen, he should be back to adult form again. (That’s how Smee became a human again, and Adam and Eddy had plans for Graham to return before the 50 shades madness so I think it’s safe to say adult August has got to be running around somewhere.) Even if that’s not the case, I’d love to see him in flashbacks. 

6. I want to see more of Roland, I don’t want him to just disappear with the excuse that he’s always with the other parent. He’s too talented and adorable to be pushed to the sidelines. 

7. I want to see the Regina/Robin/Marian love triangle handled well. I don’t want it to turn into a catty love triangle. I want to see the angst, the fight, the struggle, etc. without it being a cat fight. I don’t want it resolved overnight either. I want it to play out in the best way possible for these characters emotionally.

8. I want to see the effect that baby Neal has on everyone. I want to see Snow and Charming realizing all they missed out on in raising Emma. I want Emma to see all she missed out on in raising Henry. I want those emotions to help bring out a new side of their characters emotionally and help them really develop the parent/child relationship in a new light.

9. I want to see Emma continuing to call her parents “mom” and “dad.” I don’t want that amazing finale episode to be for nothing because Emma had a good night sleep and put her walls back up.

10. I want to see more of Dr. Whale. I love his character and I wish he had something to do other than be the town doctor. I would love to delve more into his black and white past. He is such a fascinating character and I’m always left wanting more after he’s onscreen.

11. I would love to see Tinkerbell used in her own story line, and not just as a plot device to get Regina and Robin to get together. And going forward, I don’t want her to be Regina’s relationship therapist either, I want to see more of her personal life and story line beyond the Regina situation.

12. I would love to see Milah back and delve more into her past. I’ve seen a really cool fan theory that she could be a sister to Elizabeth Mitchell’s mystery character. That would be really cool. Rachel Shelly is brilliant in her portrayal, and I’d love more insight on that.

13. I want Belle to find out about the dagger and stand up to Rumple. I think she’s too soft towards him and too quick to overlook things he’s done. I’d like to see her really take a stand and really hold him accountable for that.

14. I want to know more about the fairies and pixies. We know there’s a black fairy, we know there’s dark fairy dust, and we know there’s pixie dust. What role do pixies have? Where are the pixies now? Who are the dark fairies? How did they become dark? Who is the black fairy? I’m itching to know!

15. I would love to see more little moments. I miss back in season one when Mary Margaret and Emma could lay on the bed and have a conversation, or Mary Margaret and David could go on a picnic date, or Ruby and Granny could have fights, etc. I miss moments like that that help develop the characters emotionally. I feel like we miss too many of these because the characters are always dealing with the next crisis. I understand that we didn’t sign up to watch the Mary Margaret and Emma shopping episode, but I miss the balance we had in season one. I feel like characters only get those moments now if it’s vital to the story line.


The Wonderfully Supportive Families of the ONCE Cast and Creators (Season 3)

The Wonderfully Supportive Families of the ONCE Cast and Creators (Season 3)

Two Lies and One Truth (Hook’s hook)

*WARNING Contains spoilers

HitFix did an interview with the cast of Comic Con where they played “Two Lies and a Truth” (Yes, I’m aware the game is “Two Truths and a Lie” and it makes it extremely confusing.) If you haven’t seen the interview, you can check it out here:

Now during Adam and Eddy’s portion of the interview, they gave these three options:


I think it’s pretty safe to say that Hook is getting his hand back. Disney wouldn’t allow Charming to be killed off in the pilot because that would ruin the whole “Happily ever after/happy endings business. So I think it’s safe to say they’re staying married. They’re not going to break up the truest of true loves. 

Rumple isn’t going anywhere without Belle. And if he took her, what would be her talisman to get over the town line? Is Gold going to wear a scarf everyday for the rest of his life? Sleep with it? Never wash it? I think it’s safe to say he’s not going anywhere. (Although if this is somehow the answer, maybe Hook will give him some tips on how to wear the same thing day after day and still smell attractive enough for a women to want to grab your lapel and plant one on him.)

So that brings us to Hook getting his hook back. Which I’ve personally been wondering about for awhile. It’s no secret why he’s been in pirate garb this whole time-the 50 pound coat with the big thick cuff hides the hook contraption. There’s no way to put him in just a shirt or light jacket and have that not look ridiculous. Or have it even work period. Plus romance with a hook might get complicated. 

But now we have an even deeper question: How does he get the hook back? It’s clearly going to take someone with magical ability. Which leaves us with Rumple, Regina, Emma, Elsa, Blue, and whoever Elizabeth Mitchell is playing…possibly. Breakdown time:

*I think it’s safe to say it will happen in the first couple episodes. They’re not going to spoil something that’s very far into their storyline. 

Regina: After Emma just destroyed her one chance at happiness, I seriously doubt she’s going to do Emma or Hook any favors…for any reason…whatsoever. 

Rumple: Hook and Rumple may have gotten over attempting to kill each other, but I seriously doubt Rumple would just give Hook his hand back. The only scenario I can imagine Rumple being the one to do it is if Belle finds out about the dagger and decides to make big gestures to win Belle back and prove he’s a good man. But would Hook even let him? Would he honestly give Hook his hand back? I’m not thinking so.

Elsa: I’m pretty sure her powers are limited to ice. Even if they’re not, it appears Charming is the only one with a connection to Frozen at the moment. And chances are if she somehow knows Hook from the past she’s not going to want to do him any favors.

Elizabeth Mitchell: People seem to be leaning towards her being the original Snow Queen. If that’s the case, wouldn’t her powers be limited to ice too? And if they’re not, why would she reveal herself so quickly? I doubt they’d have a Zelena twice in the case of appearing to be a nice person. And if she’s Anna and Elsa’s mother or anyone else, will she even have magic?

Blue: Keegan Connor Tracy hasn’t even been in Vancouver. She’s been flying around doing cons and she tweeted that she missed Blue. It doesn’t sound like we’ll see her for awhile. However, should she return soon, it could be a way to show that she really is good instead of evil. Just in case her not so subtle line in the finale about light magic didn’t do the trick.

Emma: While Emma seems like the most likely option, something doesn’t seem quite right here. At Comic Con both Colin and Jen made it seem like the relationship was going to be complicated going forward. There were going to be some obstacles they couldn’t talk about. They also said that Emma still has issues she’s working out. So it’s not like Emma gets hearts in her eyes and turns her attention to giving her true love his hand back. 

I’ve seen speculation that maybe the obstacle is her magic. Maybe she has issues controlling it. Her magic is extra special savior magic, so maybe having such strong feelings towards someone really affects her magic. Maybe she accidentally brings his hand back? And one of the obstacles is that if she can do that by accident, what else could she do by accident? I’m not entirely convinced here, but definitely a possibility. Elsa and Emma could definitely connect on having magic they didn’t ask for and not being able to control it…

Or maybe the obstacle is Emma’s emotions, but in a different way. Hook giving up his ship for her is huge. I’m sure part of her wants him to have a hand, but what if in her mind it evens things out in a way? He traded his ship for her, and she gives him his hand back. Then she doesn’t feel like she has to really commit to this relationship on a very deep level and gives herself more time to sort out her emotions? But then how would she know how to reattach a limb? I doubt Regina or Rumple would step up to help her with that one.

Or could it be a combination of both? She accidentally gives him his hand back, but then realizes that it gives her an emotional advantage in buying herself time to sort things out?

Or maybe baby Neal has some magic in him too and starts pulling really crazy stunts like reattaching limbs. Just kidding. 

I’m definitely thinking it will be Emma. But I’m very interested to find out the exact circumstances and the fallout. 



I think one of the most important keys to understanding Milah, or to see her in a different light is to take a look at where the fandom was in general at the time period she was introduced. We first met her in the beginning of season two. Rumple and Belle had finally reunited after all that time. I think that was the period that had the most Rumbelle fans. The relationship was still new and fresh and the only other relationship going on besides Snow and Charming.

This was the time period I joined the fandom. I’d watched the entire first season on Netflix in 3 ½ days. I was completely hooked. (Pun most definitely intended.) I looked up when season two was starting and I only had a week to wait. During that week I decided to dip my toes into the pool of the fandom to see what it was like. I’d been a “fangirl” of other things, but I hadn’t spent too much time in the online community portion of it.

I remember distinctively thinking everyone was a die hard, hardcore Rumbelle fan. I like Rumbelle too of course at the time, but the love and devotion I saw to them was crazy to me. Everyone was so attached to their story and where it was going. Everyone was rooting for them and wanted so badly for them to be able to be together.

This was also the time I was introduced to the Rumple bubble. What I mean by “bubble” is when you fall so in love with a fictional character it’s like you’re living in a bubble. You only see things through the filter of that character. That character can do no wrong when you’re in the bubble. You can’t see the whole picture of anything when you’re in the bubble. I think we’ve all had our turns in the fangirl bubbles over different fictional characters, but I’ve never seen a bubble as strong as the Rumple bubble.

I of course give credit to the Rumple and Rumbelle fans for being so dedicated. I could see the amount of passion that came from that part of the fandom. It was overwhelming. Every fandom on this show of course has those fans that are in bubbles. We all absentmindedly become attached to characters we love. But this period was a Rumbelle peak, and in the midst of all of that, Milah was introduced.

I think it’s safe to say that she could have shown up dressed as an angel and spent her arc devoting herself to Rumple and professing her love to him, and people still wouldn’t have liked her. It’s the same kind of thing with Marian. We don’t know anything about her, yet she’s messing up a relationship and multiple characters we’ve grown to love, so we start out by not liking them. Obviously Milah was a bit of a different story, but my point is that with or without the story she was given, people automatically wouldn’t have been big fans of hers.

With that in mind, the first episode we met Milah in was “The Crocodile.” Needless to say she did not make a very good first impression. The second, and last episode we saw her in was “Manhattan” where we got to see what life was like before the events that took place in “The Crocodile.” Before the episode, Adam and Eddy promised that we would see a different side of the Milah/Rumple relationship, that we would see that they really did have a loving relationship before everything went down the drain.

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emihlemihlemihlee said: Hey there! I was wondering what you considered to be the best symbol of Hook and Emma's relationship. When I think of their relationship, I think of understanding, trust, and choice and things from the show that represent them. Like the magic bean that Emma handed over to Hook in the season 2 finale symbolized her trust in him, or chains/handcuffs represent her misplaced mistrust and her fear of vulnerability which Hook really delves into. So what in your opinion is their symbol?

I would have to say chains/handcuffs, but for a lot of reasons. First is that it’s definitely not a coincidence that there are so many scenes involving chains/handcuffs or prisons of sorts in relation to their relationship.

We started with Emma chaining Hook up to the beanstalk, then Hook leaving Emma in a cell, then Emma cuffing Hook to a hospital bed (paralleling when she gave birth to Henry and was cuffed to her hospital bed) then Emma having the chain from the beanstalk in her NYC apartment, then threatening Hook by saying “All you’ll feel is the handcuffs…” then her actually handcuffing him to the bench in central park. It’s a whirlwind of chains with those two.

I think at first the chains were a symbol of fear like you said. They didn’t trust each other and Emma was afraid of being wrong about him when she felt the way she did. He was afraid of letting go of Milah and his revenge and moving forward.

I think in general though the chains are a symbol of their pasts that they’re still holding onto. Emma of course has literal representations of her past with Graham’s shoelace and Neal’s necklace. She still holds onto those as reminders of things. She has quirks like her weird relationship with food from being starved in the foster system. As humans we carry our prison’s with us and she does both figuratively and literally. She’s not good at letting stuff go.

Hook of course was struggling to let his revenge go. He couldn’t let go of Milah or the pain of what Rumple did to her. Plus he still hurts from losing his brother all those years ago He’d closed himself off for hundreds of years and just let the pain eat them.

And when the two of them came together, they were both figuratively chained to the past. And very quickly it was obvious they were kindred spirits. I think they saw within themselves the ability to set the other free. And realizing that they not only had that power but that the other person had that power, is a very scary thing. It’s insanely hard to let go of things you old onto. We use emotion to protect ourselves and having to let that go and be vulnerable is a hard thing to do. I think that’s why they both took their turns literally chaining each other up and walking away.

Now they both still have a lot they’re holding onto, but I think they’re slowly letting the past go and unlocking their hearts and opening them up to love again. I think as their relationship progresses we will be able to see them completely allow themselves to be free of their pasts and why they allow themselves to stay chained to it.

Travis Wall choreographed a beautiful Emmy nominated (and hopefully soon Emmy winning) piece on “So You Think You Can Dance” last season with Jenna Johnson and Tucker Knox. Basically the woman has lost control of her life and is like a broken puppet on a string. This man comes along that represents hope and light and every time he touches her he gives her strength. She has for strings throughout the dance and he is slowly able to detach them for her until she is finally strong enough to let the last one go on her own and stand on her own two feet again. (

That’s what I feel Emma and Hook do for each other on an emotional scale. They’re obviously two extremely strong people, but I think they slowly unlock each other from their emotional prisons and give each other strength as their journey goes on. I think we’ll see them both finally free of the chains, and being strong enough to walk away from their pasts for good, instead of cling to them.

I think Hook especially does this for Emma. He constantly believes in her. He never doubts her. He does everything he can to help her believe in herself and embrace who she is. And that’s what is going to enable her to eventually break free of her prisons. 

I think Hook, in a way, is already free. He came to a point where he realized he’d have nothing after his revenge. And through that I think he realized that she was holding his key all along. And in that respect, he was holding hers. When this occurred to him, he took it an ran with it. He could see she had feelings for him, despite her attempts to repress them. But Hook wasn’t truly free until Emma could be free. And he spends every waking moment fighting for her to be free too. And I love that.

So I think that chains are a great representation of their journey so far. And I will enjoy the journey of watching that symbol morph from a chain to a key.


I hope that answered your question! The picture is one of my favorites off of Pinterest. -Laurissa

Echo Cave


I remember watching this episode for the first time. The minute Hook explained what Echo Cave was, I started grinning from ear to ear. Occasionally laughter started to slip out. What else was Hook keeping secret? His magical leather tailor? His magical eyeliner producer? I knew exactly where his secret was going, and it was going to have to come out of his mouth in front of her parents.

You have to applaud his courage. That was a seriously gutsy thing to do, especially knowing there was a small chance it might not work and he would have just revealed the deepest thing in his soul for no apparent reason with her family as an audience

Beyond that, this is Emma we’re talking about. She runs when she gets scared. He’s very aware of that. He might have said more in depth how he was feeling if he wasn’t running the risk that she would bolt just as she did at the top of the beanstalk. After they kissed, she panicked and declared it a “one time thing” and ran. We saw the look on her face after he revealed his secret. She was pretty terrified. 

Looking into the future, Hook became more blunt after this. He gave up on much of his sarcasm and flirting in the season two finale when he made the decision to come back and save Emma the town with the bean. But he wasn’t exactly forward in declaring how he felt until after their kiss and Echo Cave. After that he vowed to win her heart. And when she didn’t run, and still constantly looked to him for help, it gave him more and more comfort that she would stay.

After he found her in New York, he knew what it was like to lose her. After that he was even more blunt about his intentions and his thoughts on the matter. And the fact that his bluntness didn’t scare her away showed him at least a part of her heart was in this.

But he always wanted an even playing field. He only wanted her heart if she wanted his in the most honest of ways. Telling her he traded his ship would have been a big enough gesture to finally send her running. Or he would have run the risk that she’d be so appreciative she’d either want to engage in a relationship or feel that she had to because of the gesture. He doesn’t want a relationship based on a gesture. He wants it because he loves her truly and honestly, and he only wants her love if she wants it the same way.

And for all of this, Hook was brave enough to run the risk she would run out of his life for the second time. He was brave enough to state his feelings in front of her parents running the risk it would fail. And the reason he was confessing his love in the first place was so she could save her ex, and the father of her child, who very well could also be in earshot. He lay everything on the line in echo cave. The only bight thing in his life could disappear just like that, but he took a leap of faith.

I really love the layer of their relationship that is this exchange. The exchange between the moments he expresses his feelings and she doesn’t run. She may walk away from the situation, but she always stays hear him. She always looks to him for help and advice. Every time he expresses deep feelings and she stays is another assurance to him that she feels the same way. 

And the fact that he is patient and has no problem waiting for her to be ready or express anything back is another layer of just how perfect these two are for each other.

So thank you Echo Cave, for giving Killian the silent assurance that part of Emma’s heart was falling for his the way his was falling for hers.


Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of love and support tonight. The positive responses far outnumbered the bad. Your words of love and encouragement are heard and received with the most grateful heart.

After a long, hot shower. I came to the amazing realization I’d been fighting all week. My self worth is not based on what anyone thinks besides me and my God. I don’t need to try and shut the haters up. They will do what they want with or without my words. 

Surprisingly enough, this hate tonight has put things into perspective for me. It’s made me want to fight even harder for those still being abused and bullied out there. I work with and support several different charities concerning stopping abuse, and tonight has unleashed the fighter in me, not on a social media website, but in the real world where I have the power to change things. I am so excited to take part in a charity event for children over the next few days. The hate has lit a fire in me and made me want to work that much harder to bless the lives of these kids.

So thank you, thank you for your hate. It’s actually inspired me instead of put me down. I can’t wait to continue working with these charities and continue my writing. Inspiration is coming left and right and I could not be more thrilled about it.

I could not be more blessed to be surrounded by those of you who went out of your way to send me messages of love and support. It means the world to me that you took the time to send those through all the social media outlets that you did. You all are angels!

And thank you to all my new followers tonight. Thank you for joining me on this crazy ride and for taking the time to read my writing. I can’t wait to get to know you all better!


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