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But really, I have a fan blowing on me, I’ve eaten three popsicles, and drank a Gatorade and my tacos still have tacos. Sorry, TMI.

I’m usually more in control of my fangirling, but I’ve seriously had half of one of those giant Hershey’s chocolate bars. Not the king size, not the XL, the GIANT size.

And boyfriendhook's posts are sending me into fits of giggles and fueling the roaring fangirl inside of me right now. Follow her ASAP

(In my defense I’ve been updating spoiler pages for 3+ hours and my brain is frying into a glorious puddle of OUAT goo. Check all the goodness here and here)


But really…I’m fine…I’m cool…


Back in July at Comic Con Adam and Eddy were asked “What is the difference between true love and soulmates?” Eddy responded, “I would say that in our version of true love, true love is when you truly love someone, and a soulmate is the idea that there is only one person for you. And I think on our show we learn that happy endings aren’t what they expect, and so even though they love somebody, if that doesn’t work out, it’s okay to love again.” 

With that in mind, we know that in Neverland, Tinkerbell referred to Robin as Regina’s “soulmate.” And later at the diner she told Regina, “He’s your soulmate.” By Eddy’s definition that means that he is the only person out there for her. That’s not to say that she didn’t truly love Daniel, but that Robin is her one and only.

In Neverland, Tinkerbell told Regina that she was selfish because “You not only ruined your life, you ruined his.” He obviously already had to go through the grief of losing his wife, but I think we are seeing even more of that now. He is faced with an incredibly harsh decision that is going to cause pain to himself and one other person, regardless of who he chooses.

Tinkerbell has said many times that “Pixie dust never lies.” She even tells Regina that she went over it a million times and “the spell worked.” Adam and Eddy have even clarified that it wasn’t someone else in the tavern with the same tattoo, it was Robin. And with Tinkerbell saying they were soulmates twice, there’s no denying it.

Since the finale aired, Lana and Sean have both reminded fans that "The one with the lion tattoo is Regina’s true love." and that "the course of true love never runs smooth." Articles and interviews have never showed any worry that Robin won’t choose Regina, it’s always about how the new obstacle of his wife returning will affect their relationship going forward.

Beyond that, they set up Robin and Regina’s relationship in such a way that you can’t help but root for them. They both went through tragedy in previous relationships and are getting a second chance. They make each other better people, and Robin makes Regina want to continue on her path to redemption and become a better person. His belief in her does wonderful things to Regina’s character. These writers did not spend that much time building this up to throw it away. 

Besides all of that, this is a show about hope. It’s a show about true love and never giving up on that love. 

The media however, loves painting it as “Who will he choose?” or “Who should he choose?” which opens the door for many different moral and ethical debates. 

But I don’t think “who will/should he choose” is the point of all of this. Back when Zelena was talking about time travel, I expressed how great it would be to bring back Milah or Marian to see how these true love/soulmate couples handle it. There was never any doubt in my mind that “Outlaw Queen” and “Captain Swan” were going to end up together. But the opportunity for character and relationship development was a dynamic I thought would be very interesting to see.

That’s what I believe the point of bringing Marian back is. It’s not to force his character to choose between two women, but to further develop his and Regina’s characters and relationship. Besides that, it’s fascinating for viewers to watch and think about because it’s not something that could ever logically happen to any of us in real life.

Marian isn’t, and was never the point. The point is the journey Robin and Regina are going to have this season both separately and together. And the way they both handle the situations that arise from Marian’s return will tell a lot about who they are and what direction they are going both individually and as a couple.

It may take a half season, and it may take a whole season for it to get sorted out. But the point is the journey to their happy ending and who these two will become because of the circumstances they’ve been put up against with Marian’s return.

Finally, Adam and Eddy have said that theme for this season, or first half of the season at least, is “never give up on the people you love.” Regina is a fighter. She’s not going to just let her only chance at happiness slip away. Robin will of course be conflicted, but whether or not he is with Marian for a short time or not, he will always fight for Regina to stay on the good side and not lose her light magic.

This journey they’re on is a fight for their happy ending. This show is one big journey of characters trying to find their happily ever after. And with Adam and Eddy’s definition of “soulmates” it’s clear that for Regina and Robin, they are each others happy ending. Marian returning is an obstacle in that journey. But as Charming said, “True love isn’t easy but it must be fought for, because once you find it, it can never be replaced.”


Reasons the Knave is necessary on ONCE:








4x05 Breaking Glass

Contains Spoilers

About a week ago, Adam released the title spoiler for episode five which is entitled “Breaking Glass.” In the original Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson, there is a magic mirror created by a goblin. If you look into it, you can only see the ugly in things. The mirror shatters and the pieces get scattered. A boy named Kay gets a piece of it in his eye, causing him to only see the ugly in everything, which gives the Snow Queen power over him. He also somehow gets a piece of glass in his heart that turns it to a lump of ice. Seeing as Elizabeth Mitchell is definitely looking like the Snow Queen, this is where it looks like the original “Snow Queen” will meet “Frozen”

(For further details of the original Snow Queen, the difference from Frozen, and what it could mean for ONCE, check the link here)

The original Snow Queen does not specify too much about the mirror before it shatters. And depending on the direction Adam and Eddy decide to go, there could be someone trapped in the mirror like Sidney.

I don’t believe that Sidney is the magic mirror from the Snow Queen, he’s too in love with Regina to exemplify only seeing the ugly in things. However, I would love to see some magic mirror mythology happening. How many magic mirrors could there be? Can they communicate? Could you imagine if the magic mirrors were sharing secrets and foiling the plots of the villains that imprisoned them? It could be very cool

But more interesting than that, is what it would mean if a character were only able to see the ugly in things, therefore turning them evil and giving the Snow Queen power over them. There are a few story lines in particular that could really benefit from the broken glass:

Henry: They are casting a young girl, that was teased to be a possibility of a love interest for Henry. So there’s a very strong possibility that she could be Gerda and Henry could represent Kay (or Kai in modern versions.) We’ve also learned from spoilers that Henry will have some issues with his memories from New York. Maybe only seeing the ugly in everything for awhile will make him realize what he has, and what’s really important?

Emma: What would the town do if their savior became evil? Definitely an interesting question. The Snow Queen seems to be after Emma. Maybe she’s worried the savior can defeat her? Or maybe she wants Emma and her magic on the dark side? And what would she do when she discovers that dark magic doesn’t have the same power as light magic? 

Hook: Colin O’Donoghue has teased that we will see more of Hook acting like a pirate. Maybe that’s because the glass makes him evil? Jennifer Morrison has also teased that Emma won’t seem grateful at first for Hook’s sacrifices and that Emma still has some walls and things she needs to break down. Could Hook becoming evil make her realize how much he truly has been there for her and how much she needs him in her life? And if the Snow Queen is after Emma, taking Hook down could be a part of that plan. And to top it off-I’m gonna say it-“only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.”

Regina: Maybe people would appreciate how far Regina truly has come if they have a reminder of just how evil she was. Maybe that would give people more respect for her. Including a certain thief…who may-don’t throw things at me-thaw a frozen heart with true love. Maybe he won’t realize what he’s lost until it’s gone?

Robin: The point in him being evil would be that we’d end the love triangle by who-say it with me-thawed his frozen heart. Although saying his wife doesn’t truly love him is kind of stepping on thin ice. (I saw the opportunity. I took it.)

Elsa: The more ice power the Snow Queen has, the better for her. Maybe the tables will flip and Anna will-wait for it-thaw her frozen heart.

Anna and Kristoff: Either could be a bargaining chip for the Snow Queen. I’m guessing the Snow Queen wil either want Elsa to join her, or she’ll be after Elsa. 

Will/Knave: Who truly loves him enough to thaw his heart without Anastasia around? Maybe the Snow Queen has her and that’s why Will is in Storybrooke. Maybe he’s related to the Snow Queen. There is so much that could be done with his character!

There is so much to think about! I am so excited to see how this episode plays out. I hope it’s the magic mirror from the Snow Queen. That’s all I’ve wanted since I found out Elsa was coming. It could be such a powerful storytelling technique and source for character development. I can’t wait!


PS Enjoy spoilers? Come be spoiled to your hearts content here

emmasinthebooknow said: Hey, i love your theories! Re your most recent post about Frozen/the original tale: i was thinking about the part about the boy getting the mirror in his eye and the ep 5 title "breaking glass" - how do you think Sidney Glass and the magic mirrors will factor into all this?

Thank you so much! You are reading my mind. That’s what I’ve been planning on writing about next. It will be up soon. Hopefully today or tomorrow. 

Frozen? Snow Queen? Ice Queen?

Contains Spoilers.

In a recent interview, Adam and Eddy clarified that Elizabeth Mitchell would either be playing Anna and Elsa’s mother that survived the storm, or the original Snow Queen. At Comic Con a sneak peek was released of Anna and Elsa putting flowers on their parents grave. Last week pictures of Elizabeth Mitchell on set hit the internet. She was in full Snow Queen garb, complete with a Snowflake necklace. And ironically enough, her character owns the ice cream shop. So I think it’s I think it’s safe to say Elizabeth Mitchell is the original Snow Queen.

And that’s where the confusion hit. Why are two Snow Queens necessary? Isn’t Elsa the Snow Queen? Wasn’t Frozen based off the Snow Queen? 

I loved the 1995 animated version of the Snow Queen, as well as the Hallmark version of the Snow Queen with Bridget Fonda when I was younger. Upon discovering Elizabeth Mitchell would be the Snow Queen, I pulled my Hans Christian Anderson fairytale book off the shelf and brushed up on the details of the story once again. 

While Frozen is based on the Snow Queen, it’s very loosely based. And I mean very loosely based. They are pretty much two completely different fairytales. While most all Fairytales are originally much darker than they are portrayed on film, The Snow Queen always stayed a dark character:

The original Snow Queen focuses on a girl named Gerda, and her best friend Kay. (Changed to “Kai” in most modern versions.) A Goblin named “Old Nick” creates a magic mirror that when you look into it, only shows you the ugly in everything. The mirror shatters and the pieces get scattered throughout the land. Kay gets a piece in his eye, which causes him to only see the ugly in things, which gives the Snow Queen power over him. The story focuses on Gerda’s journey to rescuing her friend and returning him to the person that he was.

As you can see there are very few similarities to Frozen. They aren’t even set  in the same place. “The Snow Queen” takes place in Finland while “Frozen” takes place in Norway. Both stories include a Snow Queen. (Although in the original it’s never specified if she has powers, or if she does, what those powers are.) Both queens have a castle made of snow and ice. And there is a reindeer in both stories. Although in the original Snow Queen it is named “Ba” and belongs to a robber. Kayalso somehow gets a shard of glass from the mirror in his heart, which turns his heart to a lump of ice. Gerda hugs him and cries, and her warm tears melt the ice in his heart and dissolve the shard of glass, returning him to his normal state. Possibly where the idea that “only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart” came from. (Although for the record, Gerda and Kay are children and just friends)

The Snow Queen is not defeated in the original Snow Queen either. She is out of town when Gerda rescues Kai. The story isn’t focused on defeating the big bad villain, but instead rescuing a friend. Which is how Frozen is designed as well. 

As far as the term “Ice Queen” that keeps getting tossed around, it’s just another term for the Snow Queen. It’s all the same story and if you Google it, it will pull up information about the Hans Christian Anderson “Snow Queen” fairytale. 

When it comes to Adam and Eddy, they definitely take a twist on everything, while somehow managing to stay true to the root of these original stories, as well as the Disney versions. I was so interested to see what that would mean for how the story was told on Once. It’s only natural that Elsa could not be the dark Snow Queen. But there are so many great elements of the original Snow Queen that are too interesting and unique to be lost.

If you follow spoilers, a young girl is being cast, and the title for 4x05 is “Breaking Glass” so on the surface it appears that the original fairytale will be a big part of this second season as well as the Frozen arc. I think both can blend together very well and create an amazing story arc for this season. 




This one word probably spent the next year tearing his heart and soul to pieces. On the outside, it seemed sweet. On the inside, it probably caused him pain beyond words.

Of all of the ways she could have responded, she said, “Good.” Hook has known for awhile that she has feelings for him too. He knows her better than anyone else, and he knows how good she is at both hiding and running from her feelings. But he knows her well enough to catch a glimpse of what her heart is feeling when she lets it slip.

But this is the first time she’s verbally acknowledged feelings. On the outside, Hook is smiling, but look at his eyes. It’s like he can already feel his insides breaking.

She’s going to lose every memory of him. She’s going to get memories of a life she always wanted. He will have no way whatsoever to ever get back to her ever again.

And then the fog clears, and he’s left with what? Pain. For the second time in his life he’s lost the one person he truly loves. His heart was finally healing. He had found meaning in his life again. And just like that, it was ripped away from him.

So now what? He can go with her parents to their castle and have a reminder of her every time he looks at them, or he can attempt to do what he did before to get over his love, take back his ship and resume the life of a pirate.

What do you think he spent every lonely night thinking about during that year? Emma. Was she happy? Safe? Loved? Did her and Henry have a good life? Had she found love again? Was she married? Could she be having another baby?

And of course the pain eats him alive. He doesn’t even want meaningless flings anymore. His heart is so changed by Emma that he can’t fully commit to his old life. He doesn’t even have any romantic interests at all.

I imagine he was completely and utterly miserable on the inside. Sure he masked the great life of a pirate, but what do you think he did when he went to sleep alone in the captains quarters? I think we have all felt the pain of laying awake missing someone. And the night brings far less distractions than the day.

And then as soon as the opportunity became available to him to get back to her, he took it without question. Traded his home, his ship, his whole life to get back to her, not knowing what he was walking into.

What would happen if she had a full and happy life? Could he just disrupt that? What if she was in love? Had a new family? He knew all of these risks and immediately did everything he could to outrun the curse and get back to her.

His face before Emma opens the door says it all.

He is physically and emotionally exhausted. He is still in pain on the inside. He’s anxious and depressed. He’s an empty shell with his heart and soul in pieces.

And then when he sees her face

His face is full of relief, light, love, meaning, healing, and utter joy. It’s as if she gave him his soul and his ability to love back. As if she were standing there holding the glue to put him back together.

And now that he knows what it’s like to lose her, he’s never going to lose her again. Not if a Wicked Witch comes to town and tries to steal her magic. Not if she falls through a portal to the past. Not if she’s taken prisoner by an evil queen. Not if they’re trapped in a room full of some of the darkest and most unpredictable magic in existence Not ever. 

As if that weren’t beautiful enough, he’s going to give her space to find herself again. He loves her enough to know that if even if it takes years for her to open up, he’ll wait. Her presence alone is enough to light up his life, make him want to be a better person, and make him believe in love and happy endings again.

That’s what love is.


Shamelessly plugging the AMAZING Tyler Knott Gregson again. Go check out his page and pre-order his book “Chasers of the Light” here:

Shamelessly plugging the AMAZING Tyler Knott Gregson again. Go check out his page and pre-order his book “Chasers of the Light” here:

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