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Hook and Emma-The Point of the Date

Contains Spoilers

I’ve had a few conversations over the last few days that have really had me thinking about this date intently. With the release of promo pictures, I was thrilled, we all were. But the more I looked at them, and the more discussions I watched, the more I began to think this date is not what we all think or want it to be.

The more I looked at the clothing, the more I realized things. Emma looks so young and innocent. The last time we saw her hair in a ponytail she was a seventeen year old dating Neal. In the pilot Emma’s dress was hot pink, and on her date with Walsh her dress was black. Both of those dresses were made to look sexy. This dress is pastel, with a much softer cut. It’s very pretty, but very different from any dress we’ve ever seen Emma in before.

Hook is also in modern clothing. He even went to the lengths to make a deal with Gold to get his hand back so he could embrace Emma with both hands. He even came prepared with a rose. Very different from the Killian anyone has known in the last three hundred or so years.

Obviously on a first date, you aim to impress.  You usually aren’t very much yourself on the first date at all. Everything that goes through your mind is going through a filter of how it could be perceived. You don’t want to come across any certain way. Most first dates are simple. We talk about the weather, movies, music, where we grew up, what our interests are, etc.

Over time you get to peel away the layers of the other person. We slowly show pieces of our souls and pasts that are difficult. We uncover the demons hiding in the closet. We get to see the worst of someone. We get to see how people react in all kinds of situations from intense situations to straight up frustrating situations We see them when they’re angry, upset, hurt. And usually it’s when we realize we love someone not despite these things, but because all of these things are a part of what makes them who they are, that we know we’ve found true love.

And here are Emma and Killian doing it in complete reverse. They’ve already seen each other’s ugly sides. He’s seen the pissed off mother, the exhausted savior, the brokenhearted daughter, etc. She’s seen the snarky flirt, the evil pirate, the scared man, etc. They’ve seen each other when they’re stuck in Neverland and haven’t showered for a week. They’ve seen each other when they have a near death experience. They’ve seen each other when at they’re at their worst.

And here they are together. They didn’t have to get dolled up and go on a first date to fall in love. They’re where they are because they fell in love with each other for exactly who they were in the rawest, most imperfect versions of themselves. I can’t think of a truer love.

And here they are trying to backpedal to the impression stage. In Emma’s case, he’s already seen her in the sexy red ball gown and fancy hairstyle. She’s showing him a softer, more innocent and vulnerable side. He’s showing her that he’s here to adapt to her world and that he’s not going anywhere.

I’ve also seen it pointed out that she is wearing neither Grahams shoelace or Neal’s necklace. Add the fact that she asked him on the date, it looks like Emma is moving forward.

I’ve wondered to myself what they’d talk about on this date. Could they even talk about the weather? They’ve been so busy with crises they probably haven’t even realized what the weather has been. What is Emma’s favorite flower? When has she even had five seconds to think about flowers? “What did you do this week?” “The same thing you did. Fought monsters, handled crises after crises, watched Netflix.”It’s not like they’re going to reveal their intimate pasts in a public place either. I think there could be some definite awkwardness coming their way.

Add in the embarrassing part of her parents trying to get back part of her life that they missed out on by being there with a camera, I think it’s a recipe for awkward.

I think this all has a point though. It’s not just for gratification. I think that this relationship is confusing because it is backwards from the normal and they’re in bizarre circumstances and situations. Right now they’re trying to figure it out and how and if it will work.

So what happens when the date gets awkward? What happens when the date goes wrong? What happens at the end of the date? What about the next day when Cinderella trades her dress for a red leather jacket? When the deal with Gold goes south and Hook is back to having a hook as opposed to a hand?

Realization comes. Emma doesn’t love Hook because of a change of clothes, flowers, or even being able to embrace her with both hands. Hook doesn’t love Emma for pretty dresses, high heels, and fancy hairdos. They love each other because of who they are. They don’t need sit down dinners or elaborate dates to figure that out. They already know.

Maybe it will take Killian being upset about his hook for Emma to express that she doesn’t care if he can hold her with both hands or not, she loves him regardless. Maybe this “normal” date to try and fall in love the normal way will cause them to realize that they aren’t normal. They don’t do things the normal way. They don’t need to impress each other to try and fall in love, they already love each other.


PS Theory:

I’ve talked about the original Snow Queen story, and what the broken mirror shards could mean for different storylines. I think that if there is a shard of glass, Killian is the most likely recipient. Realizing that you truly love someone, only to have that someone suddenly only be able to see the ugly in you? Horrible. But solidifying that you love someone and don’t need elaborate dates because you already know their soul right before their whole makeup changes? Crucial.

Emma already told him that she can’t lose him too. What better way to foreshadow what’s coming up? Why not put that to the test? Why not see just how far she’s willing to go for the man that she truly loves. She knows his soul, and once she knows that and accepts that, we could see her fighting against everyone believing he’s just gone back to his pirate ways. She knows him like no one else. She may have to stand alone, but to see her be the one to fight against all odds for the one she loves would be an astounding and beautiful character development.

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The 4x02 CS Foreshadowing/Between the lines meta will be written with the 4x03. For…reasons ;)

I…and then…but Hook…and hugging…and hand holding…and I just can’t even…and he carried her…and cuddles..and I just…I just…

Regina and Robin 4x01 Foreshadowing/Between the Lines

The first episode of any television season is going to be crucial for foreshadowing, and in the case of Regina and Robin, it was off the charts this year. 

The first episode was such a beautiful layout of where the rest of the season is going and the direction these characters are taking. Especially in the case of Robin and Regina, although she may have not made it seem that way.

Within the first few minutes of the episode, Regina had a crucial line, she said, “That is the person I was, not the person I am.” This is a huge statement, and one that the episode spends time proving. I think on Regina’s journey this season, that statement is huge and says a lot about how she will handle things going forward.

Another very important aspect of this episode is Regina’s wardrobe. She usually wears sensible black mayor clothes. Last season we saw her wardrobe take more of a relaxed turn. She had dresses with softer necklines as opposed to harsh ones. Color was slowly adding to her wardrobe as it was added to her life through Robin. Mostly in red, because the plot line was Wicked vs. Evil, but we did see a blue dress as well, and a few other pops of color through scarves and accessories.

This episode Regina was back to strict mayor wardrobe, only this time it was a light gray. A beautiful use of color symbolism by the wardrobe department. Regina is not white or black at the moment, she’s gray. She’s not a perfect white, pure human being yet, she’s still on this journey of redemption, but she’s not there yet. But she certainly isn’t black anymore either. She’s far from it. She’s much closer to white than black. She is truly changing and the clothes were a great representation of that tonight.

The colors in Regina’s home were also used to give the tone of her happiness leaving. Everything was black, white, and gray again. None of the warm tones we’d seen in season 2. No roaring fireplace. The only pop of color once again was the apples. The last time we saw her in her house was her picnic with Robin, very warm. Now it’s clearly the exact opposite atmosphere.

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that Robin decided to stay true to his marriage. There would have been no point in bringing Marian back if Robin was just going to dump her. That doesn’t leave any room for angst, drama, and most importantly character development.

I find it interesting how much the Robin/Regina/Marian storyline mirrors the David/Mary Margaret/Kathryn storyline from season one. Both women on the outside are the true love of a man in a marriage. The marriage came as a shock to both the man and the woman on the outside. The man wants to do the right thing and stay in the marriage. I think the difference in Mary Margaret and Regina though, is that Regina isn’t going to give up that easily. Mary Margaret was a lot more respectful, while Regina refuses to lose her happy ending.

And look at Snow and Charming. True love conquers all. Nothing could keep them apart. And Robin and Regina have been called “soulmates” by Tinkerbell. I think we’ll see much of the same thing unfold that did in season one. Robin wants to be true to his wife, but his heart is somewhere else, and his feelings for Regina are much stronger. Making for a very difficult situation.

And then there’s Sidney, the story line Regina encountered with him was very interesting as well. She starts out by wanting to go to the past and “fix it” so that things happened the way they were supposed to. But since she can’t remember Marian, Sidney has to show her.

I think it’s important to point out that this is a moment in Regina’s journey where we see that she has not reached “snow white” yet, but is in fact, gray. We can’t just expect her to decide to start this path of redemption and reach the goal overnight. It doesn’t work that way. Changing yourself takes time, and Regina is clearly still learning. But the fact that Granny’s is still intact and Marian and Emma are not incinerated, is proof that she’s not black, but gray.

Back in the past Marian tells the Evil Queen, “I feel sorry for you. If you had a family of your own, if you had love, you’d know you shouldn’t do this. You wouldn’t have to be so cruel.” 

This scene was brilliant in showing us several things. First, it reminded us of the Evil Queen and how horrible she was. Compared with Regina in the present it shows just how far she has come. Something fans need to remember if they’re going to be expected to support her on this journey.

Secondly, it reminded Regina that she did have a family. She had a family with Robin, Roland, and Henry. She realized she didn’t have to be so cruel. Marian doesn’t have to die for her happiness. Regina has a picture of just how far she’s come, and she doesn’t want to lose that by reverting back to her evil ways and being a monster.

And above all. She still has Henry. Henry is her son and always will be. She made promises to him and she knows she absolutely must keep them. Her relationship with Henry has grown in leaps and bounds and she’s not going to compromise it now.

Marian’s line is also a huge setup for the way Regina will handle herself this season. Robin had a huge effect on Regina. He made her want to be a better person, he made her want to fight to be good and use light magic as opposed to dark. His belief in her opened up Regina’s heart to love him. She has a family now. She’s not going to give up on that and let that slip through her fingers, but she’s not going to be a monster either.

Before we learn Regina’s next move, the snow monster attacks. And Regina sees just how easy it would be to let it finish Marian off with Robin passed out. He’d be free to be with Regina and not blame would land on her. She had a happy ending right in front of her, but she chose to take the hard path. She saved Marian’s life. She chose to take the path of a hero.

Marian comments “Maybe you’re not a monster” Regina responds, “Maybe I’m not.” Notice her hand movement, it’s the same as it was at the diner when Marian said “She’s a monster” and Regina looked like she was trying not to hurl a fireball at her. This time her hand movement is much looser. We’re seeing the difference in the horror that hand can cause and in the goodness that it can do. And Regina having her own realization “Maybe I’m not.”

After welcoming Marian to Storybrooke, she goes back to Sidney. She’s now convinced that she has to find the author of the book because he or she is the one that made it so villains don’t get happy endings. It doesn’t matter if you change yourself or not, the book ultimately already decided who was and was not getting a happy ending.

This is extremely interesting. I’m not sure I believe that the book, or the author are that powerful. And if there was no prayer of villains actions changing the outcome of their lives, then what has been the point of the villains storyline’s and redemption arcs thus far? It’s definitely something that might have an extremely complicated answer. 

But overall, we had an incredible setup for Regina for this season. She is going after her happy ending, but she realizes how far she’s come, and she’s not going to do it by killing people. She wants to be a hero. She’s fighting for things in the right way. The person she was and the person she is are two different people. And having family means knowing she doesn’t have to be cruel and she has something to fight for, and fight for in the right way.

As I said in My Regina/Robin/Marian post, I don’t think the question is “Who will Robin choose?” We’ve heard Tinkerbell say multiple times that “Pixie Dust doesn’t lie” and she’s referred to Robin as Regina’s “soulmate” on multiple occasions. There’s not really much of a doubt at all that they will end up together. It’s not about “if” it’s about “how.” It’s about the journey and the character development. It’s about them growing as people individually and then coming together with a much stronger relationship than before.

It’s definitely going to be a long and bumpy ride, but it will be worth it.


Hook+Emma 4x01 Foreshadowing/Between the Lines

The first episode of each season, or half season, will contain the most foreshadowing by far. It’s the layout for the rest of the season. Look at the events of “New York City Serenade.” Hook finding Emma and taking her to a home that doesn’t feel like home, with all of the confusion of how he got to her and why it was him verses anyone else. And with her feelings up in the air about him.

During the season and in the season three finale, he had helped her on her journey to finding her home. We discovered why he was the one to go to New York to get her and how he did it. And her feelings for him were resolved.

Or so we thought.

The first time we see Hook and Emma in the premiere is at Granny’s diner. Hook stops her from chasing after Regina. More like he practically leaps across a ginormous space like some kind of Olympian to grab her arm and stop her. Which if you refer back to the 3x21/3x22 meta and the secret “No physical contact between the two of us whatsoever for any reason” contract that they had broken in the finale, is still clearly broken. And he’s not shy about grabbing her arm in front of a large group of people including her son.

Furthermore, he’s not shy about grabbing her arm, holding her back from something potentially dangerous, and announcing why in front of her parents, her child, Robin, and Marian.

I’m curious to know if this is where Mama Snow clued in that this was now actually a thing, or if her and Charming had a discussion about “Prince Charles.” Or if there was a Captain Swan make out viewing party happening from the windows at Granny’s. (Personally I’d hope for the second. A Prince Charles realization on Charming’s part would be a rather great piece of television.)

The fact that Mama Snow is now seeing and acknowledging this is quite big, as she spent the majority of season three with “SwanFire is my OTP” tattooed to her forehead. I wonder where her change of heart in wanting her daughter to be happy, even if it is with Hook, came from?

The next time we see Hook and Emma is when Snow brings up Henry seeing both of his moms with new men (Seriously, when did she clue in?) And she pushes about her and Hook.

Emma says, “There is no me and Hook. Well I don’t know what there is, but I certainly can’t talk to Henry if I don’t now what I’m talking about.” 

And then of course Hook appears out of nowhere, just in time for Emma to avoid him. And then he delivers his speech about living life during the crises or you might miss it-a speech Emma has had how many times now? 

And before Hook can get to the root of the problem we have an evil snowman. After three seasons of dangling carrots  in front of our noses, Adam and Eddy decide to throw us a few bones and we got a moment to laugh over Emma landing on top of Hook. The briefest moment ever, and yet one that will live forever and ever in infamy as a gif.  

After they chase the evil snowman into the forest they have a brief chat with Robin and Marian before they realize they don’t have what it takes to defeat Frosty. A light bulb goes off in Charming’s head and he says “But Emma does.” (And here we have a class A example of how Emma completely forgets she has magical powers whatsoever until everyone’s about to die and they’ve used every other method possible)

And naturally Emma says, “What?” Hook responds “Your magic love.” And Emma suddenly remembers the magic she spent the entire last season learning to wield and says “Right.” Also something to note, this is the first time that he’s called her “love” since they became an official, kind of, sort of, couple…thing.

But she still stands there looking like a deer in the headlights. Hook chimes in “You can do this” She closes her eyes tight and shoots a little fireball at him. Which just pisses him off more.

The point though, is his belief in her. And not just his belief, his never ending belief. Even when she thinks she’s completely and utterly failed, he’s always there to encourage her to keep fighting, that she can do this. His belief in her and her abilities is one of the amazing things about this relationship. She knows no matter how bad she screws up, he’ll still believe in her. To someone who has had everyone in her life give up on her, this is huge.

After Regina destroys the snow monster and everyone else mysteriously disappears, Hook and Emma are left alone in the forest, where after suggesting Netflix, she reminds him that someone had to build that snowman. Hook reminds her that they have a quiet moment now, and all the more reason to enjoy it while they have it. But Emma wants to take care of something. After calling her out on avoiding him, she admits she feels too guilty about the Regina situation.

Here’s the crucial moment. Hook looks at her and says, “There’s more to this than just Regina, isn’t there?” Look at her face:

She has tears in her eyes. There is a sense of walls building themselves around her, but there is also a sense of awe and surprise. No one else would have picked up that there is something going on. Her parents don’t pick up on half of the things that Hook does. The way in which he understands her is not only surprising, but amazing. And it leaves her in awe sometimes whether she admits to it or not.

She then leans in, kisses him, and tells him to “be patient.” A huge step for Emma. And while the kiss was clearly a distraction, there was also an awe and an appreciation of his understanding there. She wants this, but there’s things she has to fix with Regina and herself first.

Hook responds “I have all the time in the world…unless another monster appears and kills me.” 

The way he says “I have all the time in the world” is the only time in the episode his voice is really gentle. The rest of the episode he seems extremely frustrated and out of patience.

In the season three finale, she finally exposed some of herself to him on a level she never had before. She called him a hero and kissed him. She smiled at him and allowed him to kiss her. For those few minutes Hook experienced everything he’d been wanting pretty much since he met her, and everything that never knew he wanted. It probably made him love her on a whole new level he didn’t even know was possible. He had a few minutes of complete and utter bliss where he saw just how amazing his life could be.

And there goes his complete and utter bliss walking down the street avoiding him. He’s not amused. He’s not trying to be a jerk, or come across that way by any means. He genuinely loves her and doesn’t want to lose anymore moments of bliss. 

And as soon as she kisses him, there it is again-bliss. One little kiss was all it took for him to realize that he’d waited a lifetime for it, or three, and he’d wait as long as it possibly took, because it is worth it. She is worth it. Their happiness is worth it. And even though he gets frustrated not wanting to miss out, there’s nowhere he’d rather be than chasing monsters and standing at arms length encouraging her .

As long as they don’t kill him.

In the line of foreshadowing, that’s the layout for this season. Whatever else Emma has going on. We know we’re going to learn more about her past this season. In past seasons it’s been Hook that’s needed to do the growing, and moving past things, and now it’s Emma’s turn. We don’t get inside her head very often, and it looks like we are finally getting that chance.

And maybe in this journey we will get to see Emma fight for Hook for a change. (See my 4x05 meta about the Snow Queen. I’m really thinking Hook would be the one with the most storyline benefit from it.) I think there is an amazing opportunity for growth in that way there. I am so looking forward to exploring Emma’s mind and just how far she’s willing to go for him. Hook told Charming (as Charles) that he’d go to the end of the world for Emma, but he didn’t know if she’d do the same. I think it’s about time we found out.


Hook+Emma and Regina+Robin 4x01 Foreshadowing/Between the lines are coming. I promise! Thanks for your patience. I’m struggling with my own patience wanting to write them so badly! They’ll be up in the next few days.

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