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4x05 Breaking Glass

Contains Spoilers

About a week ago, Adam released the title spoiler for episode five which is entitled “Breaking Glass.” In the original Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson, there is a magic mirror created by a goblin. If you look into it, you can only see the ugly in things. The mirror shatters and the pieces get scattered. A boy named Kay gets a piece of it in his eye, causing him to only see the ugly in everything, which gives the Snow Queen power over him. He also somehow gets a piece of glass in his heart that turns it to a lump of ice. Seeing as Elizabeth Mitchell is definitely looking like the Snow Queen, this is where it looks like the original “Snow Queen” will meet “Frozen”

(For further details of the original Snow Queen, the difference from Frozen, and what it could mean for ONCE, check the link here)

The original Snow Queen does not specify too much about the mirror before it shatters. And depending on the direction Adam and Eddy decide to go, there could be someone trapped in the mirror like Sidney.

I don’t believe that Sidney is the magic mirror from the Snow Queen, he’s too in love with Regina to exemplify only seeing the ugly in things. However, I would love to see some magic mirror mythology happening. How many magic mirrors could there be? Can they communicate? Could you imagine if the magic mirrors were sharing secrets and foiling the plots of the villains that imprisoned them? It could be very cool

But more interesting than that, is what it would mean if a character were only able to see the ugly in things, therefore turning them evil and giving the Snow Queen power over them. There are a few story lines in particular that could really benefit from the broken glass:

Henry: They are casting a young girl, that was teased to be a possibility of a love interest for Henry. So there’s a very strong possibility that she could be Gerda and Henry could represent Kay (or Kai in modern versions.) We’ve also learned from spoilers that Henry will have some issues with his memories from New York. Maybe only seeing the ugly in everything for awhile will make him realize what he has, and what’s really important?

Emma: What would the town do if their savior became evil? Definitely an interesting question. The Snow Queen seems to be after Emma. Maybe she’s worried the savior can defeat her? Or maybe she wants Emma and her magic on the dark side? And what would she do when she discovers that dark magic doesn’t have the same power as light magic? 

Hook: Colin O’Donoghue has teased that we will see more of Hook acting like a pirate. Maybe that’s because the glass makes him evil? Jennifer Morrison has also teased that Emma won’t seem grateful at first for Hook’s sacrifices and that Emma still has some walls and things she needs to break down. Could Hook becoming evil make her realize how much he truly has been there for her and how much she needs him in her life? And if the Snow Queen is after Emma, taking Hook down could be a part of that plan. And to top it off-I’m gonna say it-“only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.”

Regina: Maybe people would appreciate how far Regina truly has come if they have a reminder of just how evil she was. Maybe that would give people more respect for her. Including a certain thief…who may-don’t throw things at me-thaw a frozen heart with true love. Maybe he won’t realize what he’s lost until it’s gone?

Robin: The point in him being evil would be that we’d end the love triangle by who-say it with me-thawed his frozen heart. Although saying his wife doesn’t truly love him is kind of stepping on thin ice. (I saw the opportunity. I took it.)

Elsa: The more ice power the Snow Queen has, the better for her. Maybe the tables will flip and Anna will-wait for it-thaw her frozen heart.

Anna and Kristoff: Either could be a bargaining chip for the Snow Queen. I’m guessing the Snow Queen wil either want Elsa to join her, or she’ll be after Elsa. 

Will/Knave: Who truly loves him enough to thaw his heart without Anastasia around? Maybe the Snow Queen has her and that’s why Will is in Storybrooke. Maybe he’s related to the Snow Queen. There is so much that could be done with his character!

There is so much to think about! I am so excited to see how this episode plays out. I hope it’s the magic mirror from the Snow Queen. That’s all I’ve wanted since I found out Elsa was coming. It could be such a powerful storytelling technique and source for character development. I can’t wait!


PS Enjoy spoilers? Come be spoiled to your hearts content here

emmasinthebooknow said: Hey, i love your theories! Re your most recent post about Frozen/the original tale: i was thinking about the part about the boy getting the mirror in his eye and the ep 5 title "breaking glass" - how do you think Sidney Glass and the magic mirrors will factor into all this?

Thank you so much! You are reading my mind. That’s what I’ve been planning on writing about next. It will be up soon. Hopefully today or tomorrow. 

Frozen? Snow Queen? Ice Queen?

Contains Spoilers.

In a recent interview, Adam and Eddy clarified that Elizabeth Mitchell would either be playing Anna and Elsa’s mother that survived the storm, or the original Snow Queen. At Comic Con a sneak peek was released of Anna and Elsa putting flowers on their parents grave. Last week pictures of Elizabeth Mitchell on set hit the internet. She was in full Snow Queen garb, complete with a Snowflake necklace. And ironically enough, her character owns the ice cream shop. So I think it’s I think it’s safe to say Elizabeth Mitchell is the original Snow Queen.

And that’s where the confusion hit. Why are two Snow Queens necessary? Isn’t Elsa the Snow Queen? Wasn’t Frozen based off the Snow Queen? 

I loved the 1995 animated version of the Snow Queen, as well as the Hallmark version of the Snow Queen with Bridget Fonda when I was younger. Upon discovering Elizabeth Mitchell would be the Snow Queen, I pulled my Hans Christian Anderson fairytale book off the shelf and brushed up on the details of the story once again. 

While Frozen is based on the Snow Queen, it’s very loosely based. And I mean very loosely based. They are pretty much two completely different fairytales. While most all Fairytales are originally much darker than they are portrayed on film, The Snow Queen always stayed a dark character:

The original Snow Queen focuses on a girl named Gerda, and her best friend Kay. (Changed to “Kai” in most modern versions.) A Goblin named “Old Nick” creates a magic mirror that when you look into it, only shows you the ugly in everything. The mirror shatters and the pieces get scattered throughout the land. Kay gets a piece in his eye, which causes him to only see the ugly in things, which gives the Snow Queen power over him. The story focuses on Gerda’s journey to rescuing her friend and returning him to the person that he was.

As you can see there are very few similarities to Frozen. They aren’t even set  in the same place. “The Snow Queen” takes place in Finland while “Frozen” takes place in Norway. Both stories include a Snow Queen. (Although in the original it’s never specified if she has powers, or if she does, what those powers are.) Both queens have a castle made of snow and ice. And there is a reindeer in both stories. Although in the original Snow Queen it is named “Ba” and belongs to a robber. Kayalso somehow gets a shard of glass from the mirror in his heart, which turns his heart to a lump of ice. Gerda hugs him and cries, and her warm tears melt the ice in his heart and dissolve the shard of glass, returning him to his normal state. Possibly where the idea that “only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart” came from. (Although for the record, Gerda and Kay are children and just friends)

The Snow Queen is not defeated in the original Snow Queen either. She is out of town when Gerda rescues Kai. The story isn’t focused on defeating the big bad villain, but instead rescuing a friend. Which is how Frozen is designed as well. 

As far as the term “Ice Queen” that keeps getting tossed around, it’s just another term for the Snow Queen. It’s all the same story and if you Google it, it will pull up information about the Hans Christian Anderson “Snow Queen” fairytale. 

When it comes to Adam and Eddy, they definitely take a twist on everything, while somehow managing to stay true to the root of these original stories, as well as the Disney versions. I was so interested to see what that would mean for how the story was told on Once. It’s only natural that Elsa could not be the dark Snow Queen. But there are so many great elements of the original Snow Queen that are too interesting and unique to be lost.

If you follow spoilers, a young girl is being cast, and the title for 4x05 is “Breaking Glass” so on the surface it appears that the original fairytale will be a big part of this second season as well as the Frozen arc. I think both can blend together very well and create an amazing story arc for this season. 




This one word probably spent the next year tearing his heart and soul to pieces. On the outside, it seemed sweet. On the inside, it probably caused him pain beyond words.

Of all of the ways she could have responded, she said, “Good.” Hook has known for awhile that she has feelings for him too. He knows her better than anyone else, and he knows how good she is at both hiding and running from her feelings. But he knows her well enough to catch a glimpse of what her heart is feeling when she lets it slip.

But this is the first time she’s verbally acknowledged feelings. On the outside, Hook is smiling, but look at his eyes. It’s like he can already feel his insides breaking.

She’s going to lose every memory of him. She’s going to get memories of a life she always wanted. He will have no way whatsoever to ever get back to her ever again.

And then the fog clears, and he’s left with what? Pain. For the second time in his life he’s lost the one person he truly loves. His heart was finally healing. He had found meaning in his life again. And just like that, it was ripped away from him.

So now what? He can go with her parents to their castle and have a reminder of her every time he looks at them, or he can attempt to do what he did before to get over his love, take back his ship and resume the life of a pirate.

What do you think he spent every lonely night thinking about during that year? Emma. Was she happy? Safe? Loved? Did her and Henry have a good life? Had she found love again? Was she married? Could she be having another baby?

And of course the pain eats him alive. He doesn’t even want meaningless flings anymore. His heart is so changed by Emma that he can’t fully commit to his old life. He doesn’t even have any romantic interests at all.

I imagine he was completely and utterly miserable on the inside. Sure he masked the great life of a pirate, but what do you think he did when he went to sleep alone in the captains quarters? I think we have all felt the pain of laying awake missing someone. And the night brings far less distractions than the day.

And then as soon as the opportunity became available to him to get back to her, he took it without question. Traded his home, his ship, his whole life to get back to her, not knowing what he was walking into.

What would happen if she had a full and happy life? Could he just disrupt that? What if she was in love? Had a new family? He knew all of these risks and immediately did everything he could to outrun the curse and get back to her.

His face before Emma opens the door says it all.

He is physically and emotionally exhausted. He is still in pain on the inside. He’s anxious and depressed. He’s an empty shell with his heart and soul in pieces.

And then when he sees her face

His face is full of relief, light, love, meaning, healing, and utter joy. It’s as if she gave him his soul and his ability to love back. As if she were standing there holding the glue to put him back together.

And now that he knows what it’s like to lose her, he’s never going to lose her again. Not if a Wicked Witch comes to town and tries to steal her magic. Not if she falls through a portal to the past. Not if she’s taken prisoner by an evil queen. Not if they’re trapped in a room full of some of the darkest and most unpredictable magic in existence Not ever. 

As if that weren’t beautiful enough, he’s going to give her space to find herself again. He loves her enough to know that if even if it takes years for her to open up, he’ll wait. Her presence alone is enough to light up his life, make him want to be a better person, and make him believe in love and happy endings again.

That’s what love is.


Shamelessly plugging the AMAZING Tyler Knott Gregson again. Go check out his page and pre-order his book “Chasers of the Light” here:

Shamelessly plugging the AMAZING Tyler Knott Gregson again. Go check out his page and pre-order his book “Chasers of the Light” here:

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

I just finished watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I saw the first two episodes but never finished. I decided with Michael Socha coming to OUAT, it was time to finish. I’d always intended to, I just did a good job of procrastinating.

It was a good series. I decided I wanted to touch on a few things and express some opinions about the overall story, instead of going into intense detail since the series has ended. 

Alice and Cyrus. 

I really loved Cyrus. I loved the casting and Peter’s acting choices. I love how he looked at Alice like she was a million bucks. The sincerity and honesty in his eyes was beautiful.

I loved that Adam and Eddy created another strong female lead in Alice. I loved that she got to wield a sword and fight the villains. I loved how each of the other characters brought out something completely different in Alice. I wasn’t as connected to her character as Emma. I know it’s incredibly hard when you only have thirteen episodes and every second of writing counts. Sophie did a great job, I just wasn’t as connected as I wanted to be. 

Together Alice and Cyrus were a great couple. I loved their love and their bond. My favorite was seeing them with their daughter in the end with the white rabbit looking on. That was adorable. 


I thought Jafar was extremely well cast. He did so good embodying elements of the original Jafar while putting his own twist on it. The actor who played him as a child was adorable too. I just wish we had a villain who was screwed up for a reason besides their parents being crappy. I get why they write it that way, and this was a slightly different take on a crappy parent, but I still wish the back story could be different for villains. I wouldn’t mind if someone in Storybrooke came across his lamp in the future.

The White Rabbit

I loved the rabbits! The white rabbit’s reunion with his wife and children was one of, if not my favorite moment in the show. I wish we could have seen more of them. Sure the CGI budget wasn’t great, but they were still adorable! John Lithgow and Whoopi Goldberg were genius as their voices. The rabbits definitely hopped into my heart. (I know that was corny, I saw the chance and I took it.) I wish we could have seen more of the rabbits honestly.

The Queen of Hearts

I didn’t realized that I missed Cora until Barbara Hershey made an appearance. Her episode was like a breath of fresh air. She is so incredibly talented, and while Cora and Regina’s story hit home with me, I can’t deny that Barabara really brings something out of the actors she works with. She’s amazing.

The Jabberwocky 

She was definitely one of the creepiest villains we’ve ever had. I loved that she could read people’s fear. That was such a genius quirk for a villain to have. I wouldn’t mind her in Storybrooke exposing people’s fears. She could be Echo Cave 2.0 in getting people to express feelings.


I pity the girl that sat in the makeup chair for that long having every inch of her face covered and her teeth painted. She did an amazingly creepy job though. Definitely ranks up with the seer in terms of creepiness. And I bet despite looking scary, she had a lot of fun doing it.


I actually met Lauren McKnight once. Her mom arranged for her to come and talk to our advanced drama class about film. She was exhausted and seemed like she’s rather be anywhere than stuck in a high school with her mom’s printed sheet of bullet points to talk about at 7:45 in the morning. Her mom actually sat off to the side of her in front of everybody and kept encouraging her to touch on all of the bullet points. It was awkward, but Lauren got through it. She gave us some really good advice I’ll always keep in mind. It always made me interested to see her on film in her element. 

I thought Lizard was a fun, quirky character. And honestly, I wish she would have ended up with Will. I loved how sweet he was to her. I thought their relationship was really sweet. I hate that she died. I wish they could have done something else with her character than have that abrupt ending. 

I wish the best of luck to Lauren in her career and thank her for the advice she gave us all that early in the morning :)

Anastasia and Will

I love WIll as an individual character. He was hysterical. I’m always a huge fan of the sarcastic characters. I’m excited that he’s coming to Storybooke. With Regina brokenhearted and Emma in emotional relationship seesaw mode, I’m glad we’ll have Will to carry the sarcasm torch for us. He was definitely one of my favorite characters.

I’d seen so many people talk about how much they loved Will and Anastasia, so I expected to love her, but I just didn’t. Emma did a fabulous job in her portrayal, but I just struggled a lot with her character.

I kept hoping for a redemption from her with everyone talking about how much they loved Will and Anastasia. Unfortunately I never understood that. I kept hoping for some amazing turnaround, but it was destroyed for me during the episode Will almost died by beheading.

If everything she did was for him, why did she arrange his beheading? Why would she even risk that? He provoked her so she was willing to give up everything?

Then the guards mentioned that Alice was there. She said to let her be but keep an eye on her. I’m guessing from that we’re supposed to believe that Anastasia knew Alice would save him.

He’s your “true love” and your just going to leave his life in the hands of someone else when you’re standing there with the ability to stop it and magic besides that? Excuse me? What if Alice had never showed up? Would Will be dead right now? I’m supposed to just jump in and believe this was all for love for her? I don’t buy it.

I genuinely don’t understand what I was supposed to get from her. I wanted so badly for Will to stick to his guns and not go back to her. Did she honestly just trust that Alice would not fail? When the love of her life was on the line?

Besides that, I didn’t feel chemistry between Anastasia and Will. It was just off. It wasn’t there. It was awkward.

For this supposedly being a true love couple, I didn’t get or understand that. How can Will trust that the minute life gets hard again she’s not going to bail for something better? After how badly his heart was broken, I just don’t understand him going back to that relationship.

I love Michael Socha, and I would love to see what Will is like in a relationship where the chemistry feels genuine as opposed to forced. 

I loved what the Knave said about relationships, how they’re supposed to be messy. But arranging your significant other’s beheading because he taunted you doesn’t exactly fit the description of “messy,” it fits the description of “insanity.”

I did like that Anastasia ended up good though. It was nice to see her and Alice not irritated with each other for a change. I just don’t see the chemistry with Will or understand how he went back to her.

Favorite Line

My favorite line of the series was spoken by the Sultan to Anastasia. He said, “He is as much my captor as I am his. We create our prisons.” I thought that was so profound. It gave me so much to think about. So many of these characters truly do create their own prison’s with their emotions and not being able to let go of the past. Some create prison’s with their actions. And the idea of being each other’s captor was such a great way to put things. That one is definitely going to stick with me. 


Overall, I think it would have been better had the series had more than thirteen episodes. I think there would have been more time to connect with characters and explore their pasts. I also felt like little details of things got skimmed over. Things like Anastasia’s magic that was non-existent at times. If she was trained by Cora of all people, shouldn’t her magic be ever present and powerful?

I thought the finale was very sweet. I felt like it was more rushed than I would have liked. I hated how happy Cyrus was that all was well right after his mother gave her life. I thought that was odd. I wish we could have had time to get to know some of these characters better like Cyrus’s brothers and the Jabberwocky.

Overall it was a good series. I think if Adam and Eddy are presented with another spinoff, whether it be Neverland or Frozen, they will have learned some things and the next will be even better. I hope OUAT in Wonderland will be put out on DVD. While it may not be a favorite of some, it is still an important part of the OUAT family. And with Michael Socha crossing over and the possibility of other characters crossing over, it would be nice for fans to have access to watch it so they know what’s going on. Maybe they’ll put it on Netflix? 

I’m thinking that the time period Alice was in was probably close-ish to the time period the Darlings were in. And if that’s the case, it would be mighty interesting to see how the Knave is still alive and young and how the timeline’s work together.

If you haven’t watched OUAT in Wonderland yet, you definitely should. While not as addicting as the original, there were some great things about it, and it’s such a cool part of the OUAT world. And with possible future character crossover’s it’s definitely worth it to be caught up and know what’s going on. 


Top 15 Wishes for OUAT Season 4

1. I want to hear Emma express where she is in her relationship with Hook with actual words, and not just her lips.

2. I want the Aurora/Phillip/Baby situation sorted out. Where were Phillip and the baby in the finale? Is the baby a boy or a girl? What is the baby’s name? Are Aurora and Phillip permanently in Storybrooke now? How did they bring Phillip back from the wraith situation?

3. I would love to see more of Eric. We’ve learned so much about Ariel and seen everything from her side of the relationship. It would be nice to learn more about Eric and see more of who he is as a person and what his back story is.

4. I want a back story on Blue. We met her episode one of season one and she STILL doesn’t have a back story. I’m so curious to figure out how she became a fairy, how she fell into the role of being in charge of the fairies. Did she ever have a love interest? Was she born a fairy or is it something she became? Who are her parents? Her friends? It’s such a crazy mystery to think about!

5. I would love to see August return. Since the year in SB didn’t happen, he should be back to adult form again. (That’s how Smee became a human again, and Adam and Eddy had plans for Graham to return before the 50 shades madness so I think it’s safe to say adult August has got to be running around somewhere.) Even if that’s not the case, I’d love to see him in flashbacks. 

6. I want to see more of Roland, I don’t want him to just disappear with the excuse that he’s always with the other parent. He’s too talented and adorable to be pushed to the sidelines. 

7. I want to see the Regina/Robin/Marian love triangle handled well. I don’t want it to turn into a catty love triangle. I want to see the angst, the fight, the struggle, etc. without it being a cat fight. I don’t want it resolved overnight either. I want it to play out in the best way possible for these characters emotionally.

8. I want to see the effect that baby Neal has on everyone. I want to see Snow and Charming realizing all they missed out on in raising Emma. I want Emma to see all she missed out on in raising Henry. I want those emotions to help bring out a new side of their characters emotionally and help them really develop the parent/child relationship in a new light.

9. I want to see Emma continuing to call her parents “mom” and “dad.” I don’t want that amazing finale episode to be for nothing because Emma had a good night sleep and put her walls back up.

10. I want to see more of Dr. Whale. I love his character and I wish he had something to do other than be the town doctor. I would love to delve more into his black and white past. He is such a fascinating character and I’m always left wanting more after he’s onscreen.

11. I would love to see Tinkerbell used in her own story line, and not just as a plot device to get Regina and Robin to get together. And going forward, I don’t want her to be Regina’s relationship therapist either, I want to see more of her personal life and story line beyond the Regina situation.

12. I would love to see Milah back and delve more into her past. I’ve seen a really cool fan theory that she could be a sister to Elizabeth Mitchell’s mystery character. That would be really cool. Rachel Shelly is brilliant in her portrayal, and I’d love more insight on that.

13. I want Belle to find out about the dagger and stand up to Rumple. I think she’s too soft towards him and too quick to overlook things he’s done. I’d like to see her really take a stand and really hold him accountable for that.

14. I want to know more about the fairies and pixies. We know there’s a black fairy, we know there’s dark fairy dust, and we know there’s pixie dust. What role do pixies have? Where are the pixies now? Who are the dark fairies? How did they become dark? Who is the black fairy? I’m itching to know!

15. I would love to see more little moments. I miss back in season one when Mary Margaret and Emma could lay on the bed and have a conversation, or Mary Margaret and David could go on a picnic date, or Ruby and Granny could have fights, etc. I miss moments like that that help develop the characters emotionally. I feel like we miss too many of these because the characters are always dealing with the next crisis. I understand that we didn’t sign up to watch the Mary Margaret and Emma shopping episode, but I miss the balance we had in season one. I feel like characters only get those moments now if it’s vital to the story line.


The Wonderfully Supportive Families of the ONCE Cast and Creators (Season 3)

The Wonderfully Supportive Families of the ONCE Cast and Creators (Season 3)

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